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Welcome to the 2024 Photo Club season!

This event was a long time coming. We had been working on the idea of gathering our community as a way to invite people directly to explore the Our Photo Club creative experience for probably 6 months. Seeing the outpouring of community support was incredible. But, with that in mind, what is next?

We have a LOT planned for 2024

We have a HUGE collection of events, both social and educational, planned for 2024. We released our full calendar at this welcome party, as well as gave some seats away to some of the educational ones.

Our events are broken up into:

When you are ready to explore the different events, please check out Our Calendar.

But! This is just the beginning! We have a huge list of projects that we want to tackle with this community. The photo education, and creative education, space needs a jump start. There are so many creative, interesting, and fun humans in this part of the world. But, it feels like there are not enough creative communities that support places other than the big power-centers of the world.

So, whether you are in Detroit or Decatur, we have experiences, courses, games, and friends for you right here.

If you are excited by what we are building, at all, feel free to drop into our contact form and mention that you would like to help. We have a lot to work on, and we are going to need many volunteers to help bring this community to it's full power!

All work and no play...

After we got through the "details" of the evening, we just got into socializing and exploring the lighting installation studio we had built. Below you will see a few images from our leadership team, there are MANY more in the facebook community posts.

Finally, if you didn't hear about the event, or just want to make sure you get reminders about each one, please make sure you are signed up for our Focus Circle Photography Newsletter to be the first to know when these events go live!

Thank you thank you thank you for being a huge part of this beautiful community. It means the world to me,

-michael stewart patrick kent

Let's look at some images

Here are a few images from a few of our leadership team.

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