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February 12th // Hop Lot in Suttons Bay

traverse city photography social events

While it wasn't specifically a photo walk, we gathered our community to talk about all things photography and connect with other like-minded individuals at our first traverse city photography social event. It is easy to get wrapped up in the creative act, and forget to just make friends. So, our social events are designed to be just that.

The atmosphere was relaxed and casual, with attendees of all skill levels chatting about different photography topics. We discussed everything from different photography styles to the latest editing software, and even talked about how likely a plunge into the frozen lake was to put you into shock. It is always inspiring to see the different perspectives and experiences everyone brings to the group in a setting like this.

A social event with other photographers.

traverse city photography social events

I think the best part of our community is the fact that we all come from such varying backgrounds, skill levels, interests, and ways of life. Sitting between a beginner and a 10+ year veteran will always lead to revelation.

Of course, Hop Lot is always the perfect setting for events like this. If you have not been, please do. Their food is straight gas, while the whole places just bleeds Northern Michigan vibes.

Having Fun at Hop Lot With Photographers

Overall, the event was a great success. This was a big of a test to see if people liked the "you don't have to bring a camera" vibe, but everyone seemed to have a good time. So, make sure you check out our events calendar and make a point to join one of our many events this year!

If you're a photographer in the Traverse City, Northern Michigan, or just Michigan please do come see us. You can join our facebook community here, and introduce yourself. In fact, regardless of where you come from, come say hi. I am sure we can find an event for you.

Comment below if you know of another locations we should have these Photography Social Event!!!

traverse city photography social events
traverse city photography social events
traverse city photography social events


  • Tiffany says:

    St Ambrose, Iron Fish and Hopscotch would all be great spots for a photo social event. Lake Ann Brewery and Ethology in Elk Rapids in the summer. 😁

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