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        Shooting with Michael has been incredibly impactful. Michael goes above and beyond to teach the ins and outs of the trade. Michael has given me direct advice on how to ensure the comfort and trust in your clients, the importance of angles/leading lines to make your photos stand out and how to cultivate your own professional style. What started as a client relationship has blossomed into a mentor and friend who has elevated my professional career exceptionally.

        - Jonelle

        Shooting Portraits
        With Confidence

        I am thankful that I met Brooke and Michael.  They are amazing teachers with years of experience and get excited at sharing that knowledge and watching their students grow and improve.  If you have the opportunity or are on the fence about taking a workshop or mentoring session with them, erase that doubt and do it!

        - Cristian Daily


        Michael taught me SO many things to fix and improve my workflow and my tech - you guys: I’m about to be so much better! And it was so fun to learn! Basically I feel like I’m flying
        All I can say is I’m so thankful for the creative community I live and work in ❤️. And if you’re a photographer who loves the art but struggles with the tech - it’s so worth investing in someone to help you create GOOD systems FIRST. If I could go back and had this opportunity - I would have invested in this before any new glass, software, gear, etc. It’s truly your foundation!
        P.S. - I’m staring at a foot of snow on the trees overlooking the lake and all I want is to cozy up and edit for the day - dreammmmsssss.

        - Grace Hudson


        I started out with a big interest in the art of photography, but had little to no technical background. Michael was more than willing to help me out with whatever questions I had … It was a huge reassurance to know that someone was there to help in a positive, supporting way… Michael has it figured out in all areas of photography and thankfully, he seems to believe that sharing his knowledge with other photographers is good thing.

        - Jessica

        Shooting Experience

        I just want to say Thank you so much for the confidence boost and the low light practice. I had a headshot shoot today and I knew it would be tough. She had a black piece of fabric we tacked to the wall and I sought out the light... we used windows and overheads to get the shot. I still [have stuff to learn], but they are beyond happy with these.

        Just wanted to say Thanks for hosting these. They truly are very helpful in so many ways!

        - Kim

        Let's Get Started!

        This is a very personal experience for me, I get great joy out of building community, and helping that community thrive.

        I am endlessly excited to see what we can build together!