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Our Calendar 

Our Calendar 

Our Calendar 

salient architecture 

salient architecture 

salient architecture 

our photography event calendar

Our Photo Walks // 2024

Feb 2024

#22. The Coin Slot Arcade

Feb 25th, 2024. Noon. At The Coin Slot Arcade

Exploring creative lighting in the darkness of a vintage arcade. Meeting at noon so we can play with the soft light of the windows vs the neon of the arcade.

April 2024

#23. Micro Locations

April 7th, 2024. 7pm. Hive Coffee (they will be closed)

Sutton's Bay is a GREAT place to discuss micro locations. The idea of not being overwhelmed by the larger scene, and learning to see the little locations within the whole.

June 2024

#24. DUNEJUNE Sunsets and dealing with hiking with clients

June 11th, 2024, 8:30PM. Treat Farm Trail

I don't want to oversell this as an "EPIC MEGA HIKE" as this is not the hardest trail in NoMI. But, please know your limits, there is a vertical climb to the last 20% of this hike.

We will be discussing practical considerations when you are bringing a client to a distant location, but you want to be there AT sunset. Good boots, and maybe a pack to carry gear would be a solid choice on this one.

Aug 2024

#25. Evolved Locations

Aug 13th, 2024. 7:30pm. Esch Beach 

Discussions on the areas around a prime location being just as beautiful as the main location. Plus, how to have a client find a "weird spot".

Oct 2024

#26. Fall colors, pros and cons

Oct 16th, 2024. 5:30pm. Timbers Recreation Area

Fall colors are beautiful, but they can also make for strange colors on our subjects. Let's fix that.

Dec 2024

#27. Shooting in the cold

Dec 8th, 2024, 11am. Horizon Books

Exploring some practical tips for shooting when it is cold. Keeping yourself warm, your gear, and your client as well.

Our Workshops 2024

Creative Lighting

Tiny Workshop 2024

Learn to see light as it really is, and then sculpt it to your needs. We will go over practical lighting ideas, and then head into the studio to learn to play with light in many different forms.
March 24th, 10am, Studio North Collective.
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Business Roundtable Toolkit

Direct business help and brainstorming as a roundtable. Let's dig into where you are in the process, and see what we can do to get you where you want to go next.
Each member gets:

  • 1 in-person Roundtable workshop
  • 2 group zoom accountability sessions
  • 1 personal 30 min session Michael over zoom
And can expect to see:

  • Time focused on their project
  • Direct brainstorming help with Michael
  • Thoughts and ideas from the rest of the table
  • Time to listen to other creative problems, and how to solve them

April 14th, 10am, Floral Underground Studio
More Info / Sign Up Here

Guiding not Posing

Tiny Workshop 2024

Learn how to pose someone without it really feeling like posing, and how to stop yourself from panicking when you "run out of ideas" on a photo shoot.
May 19th, 7-9pm, Walking around the commons, meeting near the botanical gardens
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Lightroom basics + Finding your aesthetic

Tiny Workshop 2024

The basics of importing, Lightroom Classic, and how to create a unique look to your images.
September 29th 10am
(location to be announced, tickets live soon, until then make sure you join our focus Circle Newsletter to be first to know!)
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Archive and Backup

Tiny Workshop 2024

Learn how to store, organize, and keep your best images safe!
November 17th, 10am
(location to be announced, tickets live soon, until then make sure you join our focus Circle Newsletter to be first to know!)
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Holistic Branding

Tiny Workshop 2024

A holistic review on web presence and branding. Looking at social media, website, and graphics. Students will also get a hands on review of their presence online (if you want. not required)
December 11th, 6pm
(location to be announced, tickets live soon, until then make sure you join our focus Circle Newsletter to be first to know!)
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Our Social Events // 2024

March  2024

7. Hop Lot

March 15th, 6pm, 2024, Hot Lot.

Hopefully the weather is starting to turn and it is a LITTLE warmer. We don't HAVE to talk about photography... just like you don't HAVE to bring a camera... but you probably will.

May 2024

8. Farm Club

May 9th, 7pm, 2024, Farm Club

Social hang at the beautiful Farm Club. If you have not been, check out their socials... its stunning.

July 2024

9. Campfire

JULY 7th, 2024. 7pm. Glen Haven Beach

We’re bringing back a favorite from last year – our campfire social! Join us for a cozy evening by the fire. Bring anything you’d like to drink or roast, and enjoy the company of fellow photographers.

Sept 2024

10. Little Fleet

Sept 26th, 6pm, 2024, The Little Fleet

Drinks, food, and cameras. Come hang.

Nov 2024

11. Coffee at The Mill

Nov 10th, 2024. 10am. The Mill

Coffee, photos, feel free to bring a camera as this place is beautiful. But, you can also just relax and hang out with us.

Our Photo Club Challenge

A collection of challenges to keep us creative, and focused. Join the facebook community to share your images, and see others to be inspired.

Blank Canvas: Make something new


Solo Inspiration Walk


Waterproof: Show us your best rainy photo


Soft Light


DUNEJUNE: beach, sun, sand, bright sun, outdoors...


Summer Nights: Sunset, Dusk


Show us your best wedding photo


Pet Month


Self Portrait Month


Start a Personal Project


A Light in the Darkness