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Business Roundtable Toolkit Photography Workshop

  • Intimate Workshop on April 14th
  • Collaborative Learning Environment
  • Multiple Community Zoom Accountability Sessions
  • Exclusive One-on-One Coaching
$250for everything included
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Personalized Attention, Collective Wisdom

Breakdown of the event

Ok, so what exactly are we doing?


Personalized Attention in a Group Setting

In our 2-hour workshop, limited to just 10 participants, each photographer gets dedicated time to discuss their status, goals, and dreams. It's your time to shine, supported by a group of peers. This time is yours, so all of our focus is on your growth here. Ask questions, share stories, ask for feedback. Anything you need from me and the group.

Collaborative Support

After your turn, the collective wisdom of the group kicks in. We work together, offering perspectives, ideas, and encouragement to every member of the workshop. This collaborative approach ensures everyone benefits from each member's insights and experiences.

Ongoing Community Engagement

The workshop is just the beginning. We make goals, but need time to process and action them. Stay engaged with two follow-up Zoom calls with your community (and me) to share updates, insights, and keep the momentum going. This is also time to check in and make sure that you have the tools you need.

Exclusive One-on-One Session

Finally, seamlessly move to your next phase with a personalized 30-minute Zoom call with me. It’s a chance to reflect, strategize, and plan your next photography milestones.


A Supportive Network

Be part of a tight-knit community where photographers come together to uplift and inspire each other. You're not alone in your photographic journey!


Approachable Expertise

Gain from guidance that is knowledgable yet warm and accessible. A community of creatives how understands your stresses, lead by someone that has been there many times before!


Actionable Strategies

Leave with practical, custom strategies to elevate your photography and achieve your goals. Plus follow-ups for accountability.


oh hello, I'm

Michael Stewart Patrick Kent

If we have not met, I am the founder and lead educator here at Our Photo Club. I have made my mission very clear: to create photography education for real people. This space is for you, for me, for us.

And this Roundtable Photography Workshop is no different. Here we will work together to create a positive environment that allows each member to find their unique creative path, and free themselves to dream to follow that path.

I earnestly hope that this speaks to something deep inside you, and that we can work together to start that journey for you!

Some Kind Words From Students

Shooting with Michael has been incredibly impactful. Michael goes above and beyond to teach the ins and outs of the trade. Michael has given me direct advice on how to ensure the comfort and trust in your clients, the importance of angles/leading lines to make your photos stand out and how to cultivate your own professional style. What started as a client relationship has blossomed into a mentor and friend who has elevated my professional career exceptionally.


I am thankful that I met Brooke and Michael. They are amazing teachers with years of experience and get excited at sharing that knowledge and watching their students grow and improve. If you have the opportunity or are on the fence about taking a workshop or mentoring session with them, erase that doubt and do it!

CristianShooting Portraits With Confidence

Michael taught me SO many things to fix and improve my workflow and my tech - you guys: I’m about to be so much better! And it was so fun to learn! Basically I feel like I’m flying
All I can say is I’m so thankful for the creative community I live and work in . And if you’re a photographer who loves the art but struggles with the tech - it’s so worth investing in someone to help you create GOOD
systems FIRST. If I could go back and had this opportunity - I would have invested in this before any new glass, software, gear, etc. It’s truly your foundation!

GracePhotography Workflow

I started out with a big interest in the art of photography, but had little to no technical background. Michael was more than willing to help me out with whatever questions I had ... It was a huge reassurance to know that someone was there to help in a positive, supporting way... Michael has it figured out in all areas of photography and thankfully, he seems to believe that sharing his knowledge with other photographers is good thing.


Can I join remotely?

Is this really limited to 10 seats?

What is included with my purchase?

  • 1 live in-person session (can be zoomed into if you are not local)
    • probably around 2-3 hours total
  • 2 additional check in sessions with the group (zoom)
    • 1-2 hour sessions
  • 1 one-on-one session with me (zoom)
    • 30-45 min session
  • Notes, worksheets, and recordings of all sessions you are in

Will the sessions be recorded?

Will you be running this again?

Business Roundtable Toolkit photography workshop
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