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Creative Lighting Photography Workshop: Natural Light, Strobe, and Shutter Drag

There's something magical about the way light shapes our world, especially through the lens of a camera. If we train ourselves to see this light, in all of it's forms, we can use it to create beautiful artwork. This was the essence of our recent Creative Lighting Photography Workshop, an event that brought together photography enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into the art of lighting.

Photography Students Sitting in a circle, introducing themselves to the group

Meeting new friends, and setting the groundwork

What is one of our tinyWorkshops like? As a community with photographers of varying skill levels, we design our workshop around exactly what our community needs. Each one is designed to be focused on an important topic, and small enough that we can have an intimate setting and get to each member's needs. As lead educator here, I (Michael) work really hard to make sure that we are not just creating educational opportunities, but that those that invest in one of our workshops get real world benefits from them. You should walk away with deeper understanding, and ideally, a few new friends.

This workshop kicked off with introductions, not just of names, but of stories, experiences, and aspirations. This is intended to set the tone for the rest of the day. One where we can all learn together in a space that is comfortable and open to collaboration.

Photographer playing with an x100f, exploring shooting in black and white
Exploring camera movements

Hands on photography classes for everyone

The focus of the day was practical, hands-on learning. We dived into techniques for manipulating light, both natural and artificial, and explored how subtle changes in lighting can profoundly affect the mood and story of a photograph. I demonstrated various methods, from using diffusers and reflectors to experimenting with angles and shadows. But the real learning happened as everyone started experimenting on their own.

Learning and Sharing in a Photography Workshop Environment

What excites me most was the atmosphere of open-minded experimentation. There were moments of trial and error, of course, but each mistake was a step towards a deeper understanding. Watching the participants support and inspire each other, offering suggestions, and sharing their perspectives was incredibly fulfilling.

I believe that photography education should be a two-way street, which is why our workshops are designed as collaborative spaces. Yes, I was there to teach, but I also love observe and learn from the unique viewpoints each photographer brought to the table. Their creativity and willingness to experiment always pushes me to think outside the box and consider new approaches to lighting that I hadn't before.

Photographer standing in as a model for our Creative Lighting Photography Workshop
Photographer standing in as a model for our Creative Lighting Photography Workshop
Photographer standing in as a model for our Creative Lighting Photography Workshop

Why do we create tiny photography workshops?

As the workshop came to a close, I felt a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Not only had I been able to share my knowledge and passion for creative lighting, but I had also witnessed a group of photographers grow and get excited about putting their new skills into practice.

To all who attended, thank you for making the workshop a memorable experience. Your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and share have only fueled my passion for teaching even more. Here's to many more workshops where we can explore, learn, and grow together in the ever-evolving world of photography!

If you are interested in our workshops, take a look a Our Workshops, Our Calendar of events, or the Our Photo Club Community on Facebook

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