Weird Cameras

Leaning into the camera you have on you

Weird/Old Camera Aesthetic

Our first challenge here is to realize that almost any camera can create great images. Even if you can not currently afford the camera of your dreams, the camera in your hands can be used to help your creative growth just as much as a wildly more expensive one.

Daily Carry Cameras

Once we realize there is value in older cameras, it leave behind the excuse that we do not have the luxury of carrying a dedicated camera with us 24/7! Find something small, light, and fun and carry it wherever you go.

This decision alone will help your creative journey better than you could possibly know. Just get started, it is time.

Camera Choice

Take a look at the images below, and notice the camera choices made. They are all very old and traditionally "useless" cameras. But, they have been used to very fun effect.