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Our Calendar 

Our Calendar 

Our Calendar 

salient architecture 

salient architecture 

salient architecture 

our photography event calendar

Our Photo Walks // 2023

January 2023


Shooting indoor and out in the winter

Feb 5th, 2023. Meeting at Brew in TC

Explore shooting indoors, near windows. Then let's brave the weather and start shooting outside.

March 2023

#17. Workshop Tie In at Pyramid Point

March 26th, 2023. 5pm. Meeting at Pyramid Point Trailhead

We are so excited to be running our first workshop in the Photo Club Workshop Series. Our second photo walk is going to be a companion to the workshop.

June 2023

#18. Weird Camera Challenge

June 5th, 2023. 7pm. Logan's Landing.

Bring your very favorite SD card, and I will bring a pile of weird cameras. We will take turns spinning the film canister to see what kind of camera you get/have to shoot with.

July 2023

#19. Black Tape Challenge

July 5th, 2023, 2PM. Midway 

Black out your back screen, flip it around, or put some tape over it. We are going to treat your digital camera like a film camera.

Slowing down, and treating each shot like it matters.

Let's use this as an excuse to explore the midway in the bright light.

November 2023

#20. QuickShoot Challenge

November 2nd, 2023. 5:30pm. Meeting at Horizon Books. Walking to the alleys.

Returning to a favorite from our previous session.

You have 7 mins to get an amazing photo..... go!

Our Workshops 2023

Tiny Workshop LIVE // Camera 101 // Online Workshop

Our first online workshop! And it is completely free! This is a great place to get started on learning how to use your camera. Or brush up.
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Spring Workshop // 2023

Join us as we shake off the dust of the slow season, and get together as a community to work on bettering our craft, business, and creativity.
Curriculum is still being finalized, so sign up below to be the first to know when the class goes live
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Fall Workshop // 2023

Wrap up your season with a party! Come join us for our end of season workshop in NoMI.
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Our Social Events // 2023

February  2023

19. Hop Lot

Feb 12th, 6pm, Hot Lot.

Domes and drinks. Brave the cold with us, and grab some food in an igloo. We don't HAVE to talk about photography... just like you don't HAVE to bring a camera... but you probably will.

April 2023

20. Planning for the busy season... and pizza

April 16th, 6pm, The Filling Station.

Grab a slice with us, and let's make some plans for that can take us from slow season to busy season.

Or, said another way, what are you doing now that will help you in June.

May 2023

21.Coffee and Edits

May 25th, 2023. 1pm. Mundos 305 

Bring an edit, grab a coffee, and we can chat while we work together.

August 2023

19.Bonfire at dusk

Aug 8th, 7:30pm, Northbar Beach.

Beach at sunset, in NoMI, with photo friends, and a bonfire to keep us warm.

Does anything else need to be said?

October 2023

20. Jacob's Farm

Oct 25th, 2023. 6pm. Jacob's Farm

Music, Pizza, drinks... a corn maze?

(probably cider and donuts also, let's be real.)

December 2023

21. Winter "Solstice" Breakfast

Dec 10th, Location TBD.

Wake up and grab coffee/food with your photography community. Location is TBD as we are working with some Traverse City local places to see what we can build.