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        We just finished our first ever instagram challenge! This was way too much fun to end here! But, I wanted to take a moment to share all of the rad portraits everyone posted, before we just right back into the fire and start a new challenge.

        Thank you to everyone that submitted. These challenges are a great way for our community to continue and grow, even when we can not physically meet up.

        If you don’t already follow @ourphotoclub, you should (and while you are at it, might as well join our facebook community), as we are going to be sharing all types of unique portrait, photo, and creative challenges. Might be planning some giveaways as well… you never know…

        If you have any cool ideas for challenges, drop them in the comments at the bottom.

        Ok, on to the dope portraits!

        The challenge cover used to announce
        this was posted on story only. https://www.instagram.com/rahkstar/
        only posted to story: https://www.instagram.com/antiqueinternet_/
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