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        One on one mentor sessions

        Direct, one on one help focused on growing and understanding the human centered process of the photography industry.
        Below are a few ways we have helped in the past, but this is a very intimate process. More than anything else, we want to hear your story, hear your issues, and find a way we can work together to fix it.

        technology assistance

        I started out with a big interest in the art of photography, but had little to no technical background. Michael was more than willing to help me out with whatever questions I had … It was a huge reassurance to know that someone was there to help in a positive, supporting way… Michael has it figured out in all areas of photography and thankfully, he seems to believe that sharing his knowledge with other photographers is good thing.


        Shooting Portraits with confidence

        I am thankful that I met Brooke and Michael. They are amazing teachers with years of experience and get excited at sharing that knowledge and watching their students grow and improve. If you have the opportunity or are on the fence about taking a workshop or mentoring session with them, erase that doubt and do it!


        Let's learn together

        Photography is a deeply personal profession, and photographers endlessly passionate.
        Introduce yourself, we honestly are looking forward to hearing how we can build something magical together.