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        OOOH! This was a good one!

        Brand new concept, new friends, new location, and some insane plans for going forward.

        What is a quickshoot challenge?

        you, probably

        So, we are experimenting with some new ideas. One of them is challenge shoots. Shooting together (when we can, remote if not here), we come up with a challenge that we can all do, and share our images at the end. There are going to be many more to come, this was only the first.

        Quickshoot challenge:

        “Ok, your client just informed you that you have MUCH less time that expected. You have 10 mins to get your images and be back here…. GO!”

        Jenelle Thomas

        7 mins


        7 mins


        90 sec of chaos

        Then some of us went to the bar across the street, listened to some music by the talented Laurel Premo, and made some epic plans

        That wraps up what I am calling season 2. We are planning season 3 right now, along with some new creative challenge shoots. Seriously can not wait to see what this beautiful community comes up with.


        We shoot together monthly, meet frequently, and talk daily. This is open to all ages, skill levels, and just all good humans. There are so many ways to get in touch with, and learn with our growing community of compassionate creatives.

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