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        Photography and Education Philosophy

        or, the who, what, and why of photography.

        Photography education and classes

        Who is this craft for?

        Photography is for everyone. Period. I wish we didn’t have to say more than that, but we do. Anyone that loves taking photos is a photographer. It does not take a specific level of skill, a fancy degree, or expensive gear to officially “become” a photographer.

        Photography education and classes

        So, if photography is for everyone, what is this place for specifically?

        This place is purpose-built to create a community of learning for everyone that wished to contribute.

        That means this place is for:

        • all ages
        • all genders
        • all colors
        • all shapes
        • all skill levels
        • all backgrounds

        everyone that is here out of kindness and compassion is welcome.

        This place is NOT:

        • a place to discriminate
        • a place to feel superior
        • a place to take without giving
        • an excuse to treat others poorly

        If you every feel that these ideals are not being upheld, please contact me directly. This place will only work if everyone feels safe.


        Our Promise

        Brooke has a Masters in Education from the University of Michigan, plus over 6 years in the classroom.
        Michael is a huge nerd with years experience of building, breaking, and fixing tech/photo things.
        Our promise is that the education and community will always come first. That means we are here to help creatives get better at their craft, not pump up anyone's ego. All classes, workshops, and events will be based in good solid researched and proven ideas.