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          midwest photography education

          We believe that photography is, or should be, an inclusive act. Everyone is welcome, everyone is represented. No one should feel that they are not enough.

          What is this place?

          Photo Club is a welcoming space for creative photography education. Built in the the midwest, but designed for everyone. 

          Our community is centered around giving everyone an opportunity to learn, share, and grow, regardless of age/skill level/gender/identity.

          We strive to be radically inclusive in all things. 

          Creative growth is endlessly easier with a community behind you, so take a look at our events below, and find something that looks like fun!

          We can’t wait to meet you!


          michigan photography education

          Who am I?

          Hi! I am Michael Kent of Allen-Kent Photography. A portrait/wedding photographer, and photo educator based in Traverse City, in Northern Michigan.

          At the most basic level, I believe that photography is a powerful art form with the ability to capture moments, empower people to do amazing things, and remind us what it is to be human. Our photography seeks to speak to the authenticity in the moments and people that we capture, while hopefully revealing and creating something a touch deeper.

          Our education philosophy also stems from the same understanding. In this space here, we are working to build a community of kind and creative people that feels welcoming for all good humans.

          Built in the the midwest. Designed for everyone.

          This space is evolving, we are working on a lot of cool things behind the scenes. But there is still a lot you can do to join the fight for compassionate photography: Join our email list to keep in touch, head over to our facebook group, attend one of our free walks and talks.

          We are going to use this place to share a LOT of unique things, and connect a lot of wonderful humans. This is just the start, can't wait to build this thing with you!

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