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        What is Good Humans?

        Part social hour,  part interview show; we gather interesting people from all walks of life to discuss creativity, art, life, and often photography. You can join us live on facebook, or watch recordings on youtube/listen wherever you listen to podcasts.

        During the first Covid-19 Quarantine, we responded to our community's need to be social, in an era when social events were dangerous.

        We have expanded this to live past quarantine.

        Each month we release:

      • One artisan interview
      • Two Monday Q&A Live recordings
      • Live round table discussions as they come up
      • Check out the posts below to see our recaps, and subscribe to our YouTube channel here to see when new ones are dropped, and subscribe to our email list to be the first to know of new calls.

        Or, join our facebook community to see when the next live call is.


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