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        Photo Club // free photo walks

        Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we are obviously putting these on hold for now. We shall return, but until then we are meeting twice a week on The Quarantine Calls

        Join our free photography classes! Monthly photo meetups, centered around a welcoming community of creative photographers, designed to fill your creative tanks.

        Based in Northern Michigan, but expanding all over the midwest. Know a community of photographers that would love this? Let us know!

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        "Allen-Kent’s monthly photo walks have given me the creative outlet I have been needing. The walks have not only allowed me time to explore creatively, but Michael and Brooke have taught me to slow down and really enjoy each shot I am taking. This has helped tremendously during client shoots and helped me find my creative groove again. Thank you Michael and Brooke!"

        Crow's Feet Photo & Design



        “AKP Photo club has been a truly wonderful experience. I’ve been struggling recently with my confidence as a photographer, and having a group of growing photographers has really been an awesome support. I can’t wait to see what else AKP Photo Club has in store for us!”



        I love the creative energy of the photo walks, how easy it is to get comfortable with this group of new people and try something new and weird. I always feel super inspired afterward, and I think that’s just part of being in a community of open-minded people who are so focused on improving their art.

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        How much does this cost?

        Where is it located?

        Who is welcome?

        Are kids welcome? Are dogs?

        No seriously, what is the cost.


        Exactly $0.00