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        editwithme photography challenge
        editwithme photography challenge

        What is


        EditWithMe is a community editing challenge. Grab the community-submitted RAW/jpg files, and edit away. It is a blast to see how the rest of the community edits the same photos.

        NOTE: While these files are made available to us, as a community, we have to remember that they are the property of the photographer that shot them. So, while the other challenges are completely fair to share on your social media/portfolio - these are just for fun, and should not be used to look like their are your original work.

        editwithme photography challenge

        How do I join/

        Where do I get the files?

        We run this challenge much less frequently than the Bi-Weekly Instagram Challenge, so the best ways to experience this challenge is to:

        - join the Photo Club Facebook community

        - join our email list

        This will guarantee that you are the first to know about all of the community projects that we put on.

        When we DO have a challenge running, there will be a post on facebook, and a blog post with a link to the files to share.

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